Tonight (오늘밤엔)

From Tonight album by Yu Seungwoo
Written by Yu Seungwoo
Composed by Yu Seungwoo
Arranged by Park Woo Sang (RBW)
October 13, 2017
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오늘 그대와
헤어진 그 밤을
나는 오 나는
잊어보려고 해요

쉽지 않을 거예요
아직도 그댄
내게 사랑한다 할 것 같아

이별 또 이별
언제나 같을 줄
알고 바보처럼
그댈 놓쳤나 봐요

그댄 특별했어요
내게는 항상

괜히 오늘도
눈물 나네요

지난날이 또
나를 울게 한데도
나는 살아야 해요
그대 없는 밤을
견뎌야 해요

한숨도 오지 않을 것 같아
멀뚱히 누웠다가
눈물 곁에 잠들죠

오늘 밤도 그대로

Credit: Naver Music
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oneul geudaewa
heeojin geu bameul
naneun o naneun
ijeobolyeogo haeyo

swibji anheul geoyeyo
ajigdo geudaen
naege salanghanda hal geos gata

ibyeol tto ibyeol
eonjena gateul jul
algo babocheoleom
geudael nohchyeossna bwayo

geudaen teugbyeolhaesseoyo
naegeneun hangsang

gwaenhi oneuldo
nunmul naneyo

jinannali tto
naleul ulge handedo
naneun salaya haeyo
geudae eobsneun bameul
gyeondyeoya haeyo

hansumdo oji anheul geos gata
meolttunghi nuwossdaga
nunmul gyeote jamdeuljyo

oneul bamdo geudaelo

Credit: HallyuMusic
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I’m trying to forget
That night when we broke up

It won’t be easy
Because it still feels like
You’ll say you love me

Saying goodbyes again and again
After thinking things will stay the same
Like a fool
That’s how I lost you

You were so special
To me, always

For no reason, again today
Tears come

Even if the past
Makes me cry again
I must live on
I must endure through
This night without you

Don’t think I can sleep at all
So I’ll just lay here
Till I fall asleep in tears

Again tonight
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