I’ll Give You My Life (기술자들)

Written by Chung Jin Ho
Composed by Chung Jin Ho
Arranged by Chung Jin Ho
December 24, 2014
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i wanna live just by your side
and give you my life
wanna show you the place
you have never seen
but wanna belong

I wanna stay, stay in your life
and Show you the place
to the place you belong
and there’ll be everything you wanna have
shiny and clear
(by) your side
(l wanna say
I’ll give you my life)

you’re my evrything all I have
you’re my one to find me the place
now it’s my turn
l wanna say
I’ll give you my life
(In my life)

I want a trip, trip of our lives
and show you the sight
to the sight we hold on
and there’ll be everything we wanna have
glaring and dear
(by) your side
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