La Musique (English Ver.)

From As Time Goes By album by Yoon Mirae
Written by Bobby Kim, Yoon Mirae, Annie
Composed by Jae Hwan Ju
Arranged by Jae Hwan Ju
August 21, 2001
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Take your time do it rite keep your head up touch the skyit's la musique for you soul keep it real free your mind
just stay true to what's inside it's la musique you can make it happen

Tasha's Rap

Times have changed they really ain't the same you gave it up you gave it all awayjust for the fame a shame the price
you had to pay I know it seems the only way you tried make a name but yo, yourself you couldn't stay went from
extradornaire to an average ordinare I know it doesn't seem
fair but eventually you'll get there and all the ones who said
they cared they left you... wonder where disappearin thru thin air act as if you wasn't there where, did you go wrong can you make it rite or is it just a simple outta mind and outta sight

Thanos rap

goin out without a fight outta sight and outta mind tasha
dropped the bomb so now i gotta drop a dime cause underground appeal is the crown that true lyricist aspire to I hope that you commercial cats are hearin this and fearin this cause you know finiqueis never wack like vision to the blind everytime we drop a track

Bobby chors

the bound ripes thru there beggin for the shoe shine and theme kill the pain yall wish in quick time yo lost minds rotates in thin lines I'll be unknown open door I'm open wide mainstream bout to show yall rite who's that man wit the memorized rhymes part of them stardom is only special for professional


and if you really wit it say ...yeah yea and if you really wit
it say ...uh uh throw your hands up in air say wa wat throw
your hands up in the air say wa wa

Bobby's bridge

mi na mi na soft real soft yea them so before the
occupation yeah them lies see a damn illusion them hesitation turn into creation yeah (Repeat)

Chorus Repeat

Thanos rap

stimuli has got me all up on some introspection sometimes it seems to me I'm movin in the wrong direction. then I realize that I don't recognize the voice spittin in ma head tryin' to influence my choice my intellect is rejection all that media persuasion peep the confrontation it consumption verse creation yall listen and critique and listen and critique but never live the life so who the fuck is you to speack.

Annie Rap

you see in this industry it's hard trustin anyone say they be
around then they quick to run you know the one claimin' truth they wanna seek but it's said and done see benefits they reep in this vicious where you wanna live when the day is done can you handle it blind to the signs you need to redefine lyin in your mind when there's more between the lines.

Credit: HallyuMusic
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