Arrival (도착)

Written by Harim
May 2, 2012
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(기어코) 떠나가는 내 모습 저 멀리서 바라보는 너 안녕
(나 이제) 깊은 잠을 자려해 구름 속에 날 가둔 채 낯선 하늘에 닿을 때까지

낮밤 눈동자색 첫인사까지 모두 바뀌면 추억 미련 그리움은 흔한 이방인의 고향얘기

잘 도착했어 제일 좋은 건 아무도 나를 반기지 않아 차창 밖 흩어지는 낯선 가로수 한번도 기댄 적 없는
잘 살 것 같아 제일 좋은 건 아무도 날 위로하지 않아 눌러 싼 가방 속 그 짐 어디에도 넌 아마 없을 걸

어쩌다 정말 가끔 어쩌다 니가 떠오르는 밤이 오면 잔을 든 이방인은 날개가 되어 어디든 가겠지
저 멀리 저 멀리

Credit: Naver Music
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(gieoko) tteonaganeun nae moseub jeo meolliseo balaboneun neo annyeong
(na ije) gipeun jameul jalyeohae guleum soge nal gadun chae nachseon haneule daheul ttaekkaji

najbam nundongjasaeg cheosinsakkaji modu bakkwimyeon chueog milyeon geuliumeun heunhan ibanginui gohyangyaegi

jal dochaghaesseo jeil joheun geon amudo naleul bangiji anha chachang bakk heuteojineun nachseon galosu hanbeondo gidaen jeog eobsneun
jal sal geos gata jeil joheun geon amudo nal wilohaji anha nulleo ssan gabang sog geu jim eodiedo neon ama eobseul geol

eojjeoda jeongmal gakkeum eojjeoda niga tteooleuneun bami omyeon janeul deun ibangineun nalgaega doeeo eodideun gagessji
jeo meolli jeo meolli

Credit: HallyuMusic
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(Nonetheless) You, who is watching me go far away,
(Now I am) trying to fall into a deep sleep
As I trap myself within the clouds
Until I touch the unfamiliar sky

If I change day and night, the color of your eyes, and even our first freeting
All the memories, lingering attachments and longing will be like a foreigner’s common story of home

* I’ve arrived well – the best thing is
No one is greeting me
The unfamiliar road-side trees scattered outside the window
I’ve never leaned against them

** I think I’ll live well – the best thing is
No one is comforting me
Nowhere in the luggage that I pressed down and packed
Can you be found

* Repeat

** Repeat

Once in a while, very once in a while
When a night filled with thoughts of you come
The foreigner who holds up the shotglass with become wings
And go somewhere
Far away, far away
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