Seems Like This is the End (끝인가봐요)

August 30, 2013
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아무래도 그댈 잊을 수 없을 것 같아요
덩그러니 잘려버린 이 마음의 끝이
참 쓰라리고 가혹하더군요

우리가 만든 사랑이란 건
순간의 진심이란 거짓의
그저 흩어지는 먼지가 되어
어디쯤에 쌓이게 될까요
대답 없는 이 물음의 끝에
기다림 뒤에
난 잘 모르겠어요
그대가 진짜 누군지

뭐가 미안한진 모르겠지만
사랑해서 너무 사랑해서 그런가봐요 이제 오 난
이 말 밖엔 할 수가 없어요

잔인하게 남겨진 기억에
그리워하며 울다 지친 내
슬픔이 그대의 기쁨이라면
왜 조금도 기뻐 보이질 않나요
그대 두 눈에 가득한 눈물이 슬픔이라면
내게 돌아와줘요
난 그대로 여기 있어요

마지막 그대를 향해 내민 손을
한참을 보다가
차갑게 돌아선 그댈 보니

난 안되나봐요
이젠 정말 끝인가봐요
어김없이 내일 아침이면
모두 멀쩡히 살아갈 테고
숨을 쉬겠죠
난 모르겠어요
그대 내 곁에 없으니까요
내게 돌아와요
내 마지막 바램이죠

Credit: Naver Music
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amulaedo geudael ijeul su eobseul geos gatayo
deonggeuleoni jallyeobeolin i maeumui kkeuti
cham sseulaligo gahoghadeogunyo

uliga mandeun salangilan geon
sunganui jinsimilan geojisui
geujeo heuteojineun meonjiga doeeo
eodijjeume ssahige doelkkayo
daedab eobsneun i muleumui kkeute
gidalim dwie
nan jal moleugesseoyo
geudaega jinjja nugunji

mwoga mianhanjin moleugessjiman
salanghaeseo neomu salanghaeseo geuleongabwayo ije o nan
i mal bakken hal suga eobseoyo

janinhage namgyeojin gieoge
geuliwohamyeo ulda jichin nae
seulpeumi geudaeui gippeumilamyeon
wae jogeumdo gippeo boijil anhnayo
geudae du nune gadeughan nunmuli seulpeumilamyeon
naege dolawajwoyo
nan geudaelo yeogi isseoyo

majimag geudaeleul hyanghae naemin soneul
hanchameul bodaga
chagabge dolaseon geudael boni

nan andoenabwayo
ijen jeongmal kkeutingabwayo
eogimeobsi naeil achimimyeon
modu meoljjeonghi salagal tego
sumeul swigessjyo
nan moleugesseoyo
geudae nae gyeote eobseunikkayo
naege dolawayo
nae majimag balaemijyo

Credit: HallyuMusic
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I just don’t think I can forget you
The tip of my heart has been emptied and cut out
It’s so bitter and cruel

The love that we made becomes scattering dust
At the lie that was masked as the truth
Where will the dust settle?
At the end of this answer-less question,
At the end of this waiting, I don’t really know
Who you really are

I’m sorry
Though I don’t know why I’m sorry
I guess it’s because I loved you so much
Now I have nothing more to say but this

At the cruelly left behind memories,
I miss you and cry and get exhausted
If my sadness is your happiness
Why don’t you look happy at all?
If the tears in your eyes are sadness
Then come back to me
I am here as always

I held out my hand to you for the last time
You looked at it for a while
And you coldly turned away

I guess it can’t be
I guess I’m not the one
I guess it’s the end
I guess it’s really over now
Without a doubt, when tomorrow comes
Everyone will be perfectly fine and go on with their lives
As they breathe
I don’t know
Because you’re not by my side
Come back to me
It’s my last wish
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