Just a While (잠시만)

From ONE album by Samuel
Written by Brave Brothers
Composed by Brave Brothers, RedCookie
Arranged by RedCookie
March 28, 2018
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그렇게 눈물짓지 마요
내 맘이 더욱 아프니까

억지로 미소 짓지 마요
그런 널 참아 볼 수 없어

너만큼 나도 사랑해요
조금만 더 기다려요
이별이 아닌 걸 알잖아요
시간은 빨리 올 거예요

달콤했던 추억들과
행복했던 우리 둘만의
소중했던 이 시간을 영원히 간직해

잠시만 잠시만 잠시만 기다려요
잠시만 잠시만 잠시만 우릴 위해

Credit: Naver Music
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geuleohge nunmuljisji mayo
nae mami deoug apeunikka

eogjilo miso jisji mayo
geuleon neol chama bol su eobseo

neomankeum nado salanghaeyo
jogeumman deo gidalyeoyo
ibyeoli anin geol aljanhayo
siganeun ppalli ol geoyeyo

dalkomhaessdeon chueogdeulgwa
haengboghaessdeon uli dulmanui
sojunghaessdeon i siganeul yeongwonhi ganjighae

jamsiman jamsiman jamsiman gidalyeoyo
jamsiman jamsiman jamsiman ulil wihae

Credit: HallyuMusic
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Don’t cry
My heart aches even more

Don’t force a smile
I can’t see you like this

I love you as much as you love me
Just wait a while
You know it’s not goodbye
The time will quickly again

The sweet memories
And our happy, precious times
I’ll keep forever

Just wait a while
Just wait a while, for us
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