Aehwa (애화) (哀花)

From Second Story album by Park Hyo Shin
Written by Lee Sang Ho
Composed by Choi Jae Eun
Arranged by Choi Jae Eun
January 1, 2001
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아침에 눈을 떠봐도 그댄 역시 한 동안 힘들던 잠에서 깨어나
또 집을 나서도 어딜가야 할지를 몰라

난 어제 그대가 내 던진 곳에 하루종일 부서진 채 아파했던걸

* 모질게 맘먹고 창밖에 버린 그곳에 난 잠들어 있어
I know I'll, I wanna take you in my life
내 영혼을 지우려 했다면 (oh-yeah) 난 숨이 막혀 와도 괜찮아
더는 고민하지마 내겐 지금 아무 고통조차 느낄 수 없어

** 그리움에 목말라도 눈물 흘리지마(oh-yeah)
나 생기 없이 메말라가도 고통스레 아파할 그대보단 나을테니까 (I know)
I wanna take you in my life

오늘 하루도 그대는 멍하니 앉아 내 곁에서 한참동안 망설이다가

*, ** 반복

Yeah ∼ I know, I'll, I wanna take you in my life
길가에 흩어진 내모습을
아무소리도 없이 그저 바라보다 흘러내린 눈물 때문에

바보처럼 그댄 하늘 바라만보내 (oh yeah)
나 이젠 그댈 외면할꺼야
그대 사는 창밖에 고인 눈물 마를수 있게 (I will) yeah~

Credit: Naver Music
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achime nuneul tteobwado geudaen yeogsi han dongan himdeuldeon jameseo kkaeeona
tto jibeul naseodo eodilgaya haljileul molla

nan eoje geudaega nae deonjin gose halujongil buseojin chae apahaessdeongeol

* mojilge mammeoggo changbakke beolin geugose nan jamdeuleo isseo
I know I'll, I wanna take you in my life
nae yeonghoneul jiulyeo haessdamyeon (ohyeah) nan sumi maghyeo wado gwaenchanha
deoneun gominhajima naegen jigeum amu gotongjocha neukkil su eobseo

** geuliume mogmallado nunmul heullijima(ohyeah)
na saenggi eobsi memallagado gotongseule apahal geudaebodan naeultenikka (I know)
I wanna take you in my life

oneul haludo geudaeneun meonghani anja nae gyeoteseo hanchamdongan mangseolidaga

*, ** banbog

Yeah ∼ I know, I'll, I wanna take you in my life
gilgae heuteojin naemoseubeul
amusolido eobsi geujeo balaboda heulleonaelin nunmul ttaemune

babocheoleom geudaen haneul balamanbonae (oh yeah)
na ijen geudael oemyeonhalkkeoya
geudae saneun changbakke goin nunmul maleulsu issge (I will) yeah~

Credit: HallyuMusic
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When I open my eyes in the morning
I wake up from a poor night of sleep
When I leave the house, I don’t know where to go

All day, I go to the place that you mentioned yesterday,
As I am broken and in pain

* I’m asleep in that place outside the window
Where you cruelly left me
I know I’ll, I wanna take you in my life
If my soul were to be erased, even if my breath stops, it’s okay
Don’t think about it any longer – I can’t feel any pain right now

** Even if you’re thirsty with longing, don’t shed any tears
Even if I grow thin and gaunt with no life
It’ll be better than you, who would have suffered and be in pain (I know)
I wanna take you in my life

Again today, you spend the day, blankly sitting
You linger around me for a while

* repeat

** repeat

Yeah I know, I’ll, I wanna take you in my life
I am scattered all over the street
Without any noise, you just look at me
Because of my shedding tears

Like a fool, you just loko to the sky
I will turn away from you now
So that the welled up tears, outside the window where you live, will dry
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