From Reflection Of album by NELL
January 19, 2001
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난 멀어지고
난 기다리고
난 그만큼더
웃으려 하고
제발 그러지마
너무 아프잖아

난 항상 그렇듯 울고 싶고
난 항상 그렇듯 웃고 있고
난 항상 그렇듯 애절 하고
난 항상 그렇듯 기다리며
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nan meoreojigo
nan gidarigo
nan geumankeumdeo
useuryeo hago
jebal geureojima
neomu apeujanha

nan hangsang geureohdeut ulgo sipgo
nan hangsang geureohdeut usgo issgo
nan hangsang geureohdeut aejeol hago
nan hangsang geureohdeut gidarimyeo
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I drift further I wait

I try to smile that much more

Please don’t do this It hurts too much

Like always I want to cry

Like always I am smiling

Like always desperate

And like always I would wait

My pain, my waiting,

My desperation, that they would all disappear

I pray I pray I pray

I pray I pray.
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