Steal My Heart (取夺我心) (Chinese Ver.)

From Steal My Heart album by N-Sonic
August 27, 2015
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Steal my heart, I’m ready
Your smile blinds me like a jewel
Steal my heart
I’ll give in and give you everything
Give me your hands, open your heart
Hug me
Steal all of my heart

A new heart, a new street
A new scene, all those places
Because it’s with you, I was happy
The sweet ice cream I shared with you
As we walked on the street
My heart fluttered so much

I can’t believe that we lived in such different places
It’s an amazing miracle
We connected to easily

This place is so familiar to me but it’s unfamiliar to you
I’ll take the lead and walk forward
So you can slowly follow me
Whoever steals whoever’s heart, it doesn’t matter anymore
We’re together right now
We’re just happy right now

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