Our Myungsoo Has Changed (우리 명수가 달라졌어요)

October 25, 2012
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On this prime time weekend night
I went out to a high school reunion to see my old-time friends
I see Myung Soo the loser, who I used to torture back then
I’m gonna go and be the leader once again

But what is this guy, did he win the lotto or something?
I want to hide in a mouse-hole right now
His watch is Rolex, his wallet is Hermes
He lives in the tall Tower Palace, he has tons of employers

It’s 7:30 on a Saturday and in my head
I keep thinking about the lotto ticket I couldn’t buy this week

* My friend with the runny nose is now riding a BMW open car
What about me? I’m busy depositing each pay check
Oh the times when I was popular, the happy times
Please come back for me once more

I should’ve listened to my mom and studied more
Instead of smoking cigarettes, I should’ve memorized more English words
I didn’t know back then
But I keep getting a call from my asshole boss

It’s 11:30 on a Saturday and the money spent on drinking is sky rocketing
With this money, I would be able to pay my late rent

* Repeat

Myung Soo looked at me and told me to come work for him
Hey dude, just wait five years

My popular days will come back
I believe it because I’m the best
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