Battlecry (때려박는 랩) (Bonus Track)

From Piece of mine album by Mad Clown
Written by Mad Clown
Composed by Jang Dae Hee, Elapse
Arranged by Elapse
January 9, 2015
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Mad C scene, singing and dancing all over the country
Riding the flow, walking the rhythm, hopping here and there
Rhyme biter, flow biter, quite a few fake fucks
This scene has become quite dirty, I’m currently in the cleaning squad
This scene has become cold, I’m currently making it hot
With strong, mid and slow tempos, I’m raping this rhythm
After half a beat, I’m going in, the subject is wandering
With evil fights, Mad C is going up as the best value
Like a medicine salesman, going around here and there for a taste
Most walk with limps, they’re like sweet bean stew without the sweet beans
This rap will be a blow to all the same bastards
My flow chops it up double, my soul burning at creation
You got no skill, got no style, got no vision, got no sight
It’s gotten harder to survive, it’s like an underground jungle
Mad C, vice versa, fakers surrender, I plant my victory, everyone gets up and applauds
Almost everyone is fake here, fakes who pretend to be real
Those who can’t get into mainstream or underground
Dipping their toes in a little and shouting loudly, calling themselves the king
You look like you’re struggling with the beat you’re missing, your tongue’s getting twisted, look at your funny self
Everyone’s a momentary king, a god
But to me, they’re all idiots, wearing a meaningless crown, I’ll laugh at all those bastards
Leave em open, your ears, listen carefully to what I’m saying
You’re in defense, I’m on the offense, game set, the end
Yeah I’m a fuckin bastard, my gestures will make you uncomfortable
The flow that catches wack MCs is always naturally in my rap
Too many wack MCs out there, they’re doing hip-hop with keyboards
But no matter how fast your fingers are on the keyboard, I’m faster
No telling apart players and haters, they’re just all haters
No jedis but they’re all fucking vaders
No lightsabers, just cheap tasers
No coolness, no pride, no skill, yes problem
Keyboard gang, back room rappers, yeah you have a two job hustle
Cold smiles, cold words are your armor
Is anonymity your rap skill? Your personality irritates me
Yeah, you’ll definitely survive without begging, please
Wherever I go, there’s always these fucked up bastards
I just don’t like you
All you who are mad from this, if you wanna shit on me with rap, listen carefully
I will F. U. C. K. I. N. smoke you
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