Written by Ajussyen
Composed by Ajussyen
Arranged by Ajussyen
February 19, 2020
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믿었던 사랑이 눈물이 됨을 알고
고마웠던 사랑이 아픔이 됨을 알고

잊었던 사랑이 다시 아파옴을 알고
헤어지면 안 된다던 약속

사랑을 알고 사랑을 하고
그때는 모른 사랑

이별을 알고 이별을 하고
그때는 모른 이별

밤이 지나가고 내게도

조그만 사랑 가녀린 사랑
내게도 찾아올까

그대를 알고 사랑을 알고
이렇게 좋은 사랑

그대를 알고 이별을 알고
이렇게 아픈 사랑

많이 행복했던 날들을

사랑을 알고 그대를 알고
어른이 되는 사랑

Credit: Naver Music
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mideossdeon salangi nunmuli doemeul algo
gomawossdeon salangi apeumi doemeul algo

ijeossdeon salangi dasi apaomeul algo
heeojimyeon an doendadeon yagsog

salangeul algo salangeul hago
geuttaeneun moleun salang

ibyeoleul algo ibyeoleul hago
geuttaeneun moleun ibyeol

bami jinagago naegedo

jogeuman salang ganyeolin salang
naegedo chajaolkka

geudaeleul algo salangeul algo
ileohge joheun salang

geudaeleul algo ibyeoleul algo
ileohge apeun salang

manhi haengboghaessdeon naldeuleul

salangeul algo geudaeleul algo
eoleuni doeneun salang

Credit: HallyuMusic
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I learned that a love once trusted can become tears
I learned that a love I was thankful for can become pain

I learned that a forgotten love can bring pain again
We promised that we would never say goodbye

I learned love, I was in love
But I didn’t know back then

I learned heartache, I had heartache
But I didn’t know back then

After the night passes
Over to me

A small love, a thin love
Will it come to me?

I knew you, I knew love
A good love

I knew you, I knew heartache
A painful love

Days that were so happy

I knew love, I knew you
A grown-up love
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