From SAL-KI album by Lim Kim
Written by Lim Kim
Composed by No Identity, Lim Kim, DALO
Arranged by No Identity
May 24, 2019
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I keep Hustling harder.
We Crossing the hurdle

Speak out
Word up! (Ya)

Load a gun with a ball
Time to start off a new role

Fight back.
In Full stride,
Off to start a new goal.

No longer silence,
Yeah we stand up brave.
You can't block or control it.

I need to change up this game.
Don't identify self in the male gaze.

I'm raising my voice to be heard,
Building my world.

On me?
Take dirty hands off of me.

Bigger the fights, Bigger rewards
Fire! Trigger go bang

Get up strong
Make your own,
It's in our hands.

Shake up strong
Crack the form
This is our age!

Count on my absence
It contains a message
that I don't compromise
Can't get me sabotaged

I’m talking real representation.

Knocking down walls,
I Struggle and take over seats
Stop asking me wrong
I Execute
(Carrying out mission)
Reorient, Redefinition

Get up strong
Make your own,
it's in our hands.

Shake up strong
Crack the form
This is our age!

Head down when I pull up
Strike hard when it's cooled off.

I'm Unfuckable Creature
Not a young average school girl

Decolonize from weakness
Overpower their system.

Staying raw is my wisdom.
Turn wilderness into the kingdom.


Credit: HallyuMusic
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