I’m Fine Thank You

Written by Super Changddai
Composed by Super Changddai
Arranged by Super Changddai
September 5, 2013
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또 눈물이 내 앞을 가려주네요
그대 모습 혹시 보일까봐
벌써 시간이 나도 모르게 늦었네요
오늘도 그대만 기다렸죠

난 참 바보처럼 그대만 불러요
언젠간 그대도 날 보겠죠
한참 기다리다 눈물이 고여요
이렇게 또 하루가 지나죠

오늘 하루만 I cry
영원히 행복하길 Good bye
가끔은 내 생각에 웃어도 좋아
I'm fine thank you
Thank you

아무일 없듯이 살아가다 보면은
혹시 나를 잊을 수도 있죠
아주 가끔 내 생각이 나더라도
잘 있으니 걱정 말아요

너무 보고 싶어 힘들어질 때면
바람 되어 불어주고
가끔 저 언덕에서 내 이름 부르며
달려와 힘껏 안아주렴

I'm fine thank you Thank you x2

Credit: Naver Music
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tto nunmuli nae apeul galyeojuneyo
geudae moseub hogsi boilkkabwa
beolsseo sigani nado moleuge neujeossneyo
oneuldo geudaeman gidalyeossjyo

nan cham babocheoleom geudaeman bulleoyo
eonjengan geudaedo nal bogessjyo
hancham gidalida nunmuli goyeoyo
ileohge tto haluga jinajyo

oneul haluman I cry
yeongwonhi haengboghagil Good bye
gakkeumeun nae saenggage useodo joha
I'm fine thank you
Thank you

amuil eobsdeusi salagada bomyeoneun
hogsi naleul ijeul sudo issjyo
aju gakkeum nae saenggagi nadeolado
jal isseuni geogjeong malayo

neomu bogo sipeo himdeuleojil ttaemyeon
balam doeeo buleojugo
gakkeum jeo eondeogeseo nae ileum buleumyeo
dallyeowa himkkeos anajulyeom

I'm fine thank you Thank you x2

Credit: HallyuMusic
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Tears are blocking my sight again
In case I see you
It has already gotten late without me knowing
Again today, I only waited for you

I call out to you like a fool
Some day, you’ll see me too
I wait for a long time while tears well up
Like this, another day passes

Just for today, I cry
Be happy forever, good bye
It’s okay if you think of me and smile sometimes
I’m fine thank you
Thank you

If you go on with your life as nothing happened
You might forget me
Even if you remember me sometimes
I’ll be fine so don’t worry

When I miss you so much that it’s hard
Be the wind and blow over to me
Sometimes, call my name from the hill over there
Then run to me and hold me tight

I’m fine thank you
Thank you x2

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