Callus (굳은살)

Written by Yoon Sara
Composed by Yoon Il Sang
Arranged by Yoon Il Sang
May 29, 2012
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아무 느낌 없대내 멍든 가슴이행복이 뭔지도 잊었대좋은 것이 없대 내 흐린 두 눈이온 세상이 빛을 잃었대그립고 또 그리워 너무 쓰라려서가슴에 굳은살이 앉은 건가 봐제발 돌아와 줘 나를 안아줘제발 돌아와 줘 너무 아프거든가슴이 쉬도록 소리치는 말너 혼자만 왜 나를 못 듣고지나가는지아무 때고 흘러 고장 난 눈물이나와야 할 때를 모른대아무 데도 못 가길 잃은 걸음이너와 걷던 길만 기억해몇 번을 곱씹어도짙어지는 향기추억은 닳는 법도 없는 건가 봐제발 돌아와 줘나를 안아줘제발 돌아와 줘너무 아프거든가슴이 쉬도록 소리치는 말너 혼자만 왜 나를못 듣고 지나가는지사랑이 멈춘 다음은이별이 아닌가봐더 사랑할 차례였나 봐

Credit: Naver Music
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amu neukkim eobsdaenae meongdeun gaseumihaengbogi mwonjido ijeossdaejoheun geosi eobsdae nae heulin du nunion sesangi bicheul ilheossdaegeulibgo tto geuliwo neomu sseulalyeoseogaseume gudeunsali anjeun geonga bwajebal dolawa jwo naleul anajwojebal dolawa jwo neomu apeugeodeungaseumi swidolog solichineun malneo honjaman wae naleul mos deudgojinaganeunjiamu ttaego heulleo gojang nan nunmulinawaya hal ttaeleul moleundaeamu dedo mos gagil ilheun geoleumineowa geoddeon gilman gieoghaemyeoch beoneul gobssibeodojiteojineun hyanggichueogeun dalhneun beobdo eobsneun geonga bwajebal dolawa jwonaleul anajwojebal dolawa jwoneomu apeugeodeungaseumi swidolog solichineun malneo honjaman wae naleulmos deudgo jinaganeunjisalangi meomchun daeumeunibyeoli aningabwadeo salanghal chalyeyeossna bwa

Credit: HallyuMusic
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My bruised heart says that it is numb
It says that it forgot what happiness was
My faded two eyes say that there is nothing good
They say that the whole world lost its light

I miss you and miss you again because it’s so sore
Maybe that’s why my heart has a callus

* Please come back and hold me
Please come back, it hurts so much
Words I shout out till my heart grows hoarse
Why are you the only one who can’t hear them and just pass by?

My broken tears flow at all times
They say they don’t know when to come out
My lost steps that can’t go anywhere
Only remember paths walked with you

I tried to rechew several times but your scent grows thicker
I guess there’s no way for memories to wear out

* Repeat

After love ends
I guess it’s not separation
I guess it’s time to love even more
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