Love Like This (사랑은 이렇게)

December 22, 2012
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You live in my eyes but why are you the only one who doesn’t know?
There is love in my eyes but why are you the only one who can’t see?
Again today, rain is falling in my eyes
Why are the only one who doesn’t know my heart?

* Love only leaves pain, only leaves pain like this
Love only leaves memories, only leaves memories like this
I love you and I can’t live without you but why are you leaving me?
Love, don’t go, don’t go – I tell it not to go but it leaves like this
I’m not even ready but the tears drench me all over

You are right before my eyes so how can I give you up?
I swallow my tears and I can’t even say anything
And I turn away – do you know how that feels?

* Repeat

No matter how much I want and want you
The only thing I can’t have is you
Why does it have to be you?

Love only leaves cruel tears like this
Love only leaves torn scars like this
You leave me and I can’t even stand up, I can’t even see ahead of me
Love, come back, come back – I tell it to come back but I guess it’s the end like this
Love leaves without even turning back, it’s over
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