I Hate Myself (내가 싫다)

From I Need You album by K.Will
Written by Min Yeon Jae
Composed by Kim Do Hoon (RBW)
Arranged by Kim Do Hoon (RBW)
February 14, 2012
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니가 사준 지갑 속을 채우고 니가 가던 식당을 예약하고
니가 앉던 자리에 니가 아닌 다른 사람과
어색하게 대화를 주고받는 나

너랑 했던 웃긴 얘길 또 하고 기계처럼 했던 얘길 또 하고
겉으로는 웃지만 보기보단 즐겁지 않아
그 사람이 자꾸만 너로 보여서

* 말도 안되게 딴 사람을 만나고 말도 안되게 딴 사람을 사랑해봐
내 사랑은 너 너 하나뿐인데 니가 아닌 사람과 웃고 있는 내가 싫다

니가 좋아하던 곳에 들러서 니가 좋아하던 옷을 고르고
니가 아닌 사람의 생일을 축하해주는 나
내가 봐도 내 모습이 참 우스워

* 반복

내 속에서 눈물이 나는데 다른 사람 앞에서 멀쩡한 척 웃고 있는 걸
이런 내 자신이 이토록 비겁한 내 자신이
질릴 만큼 미치도록 싫은데

돌아와 너 내겐 니가 필요해 미쳤다 해도 너 아니면 안될 것 같아
내 가슴이 널 못 잊겠다는데
아직도 내 마음속에 사는 니가 보고 싶다

Credit: Naver Music
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niga sajun jigab sogeul chaeugo niga gadeon sigdangeul yeyaghago
niga anjdeon jalie niga anin daleun salamgwa
eosaeghage daehwaleul jugobadneun na

neolang haessdeon usgin yaegil tto hago gigyecheoleom haessdeon yaegil tto hago
geoteuloneun usjiman bogibodan jeulgeobji anha
geu salami jakkuman neolo boyeoseo

* maldo andoege ttan salameul mannago maldo andoege ttan salameul salanghaebwa
nae salangeun neo neo hanappuninde niga anin salamgwa usgo issneun naega silhda

niga johahadeon gose deulleoseo niga johahadeon oseul goleugo
niga anin salamui saengileul chughahaejuneun na
naega bwado nae moseubi cham useuwo

* banbog

nae sogeseo nunmuli naneunde daleun salam apeseo meoljjeonghan cheog usgo issneun geol
ileon nae jasini itolog bigeobhan nae jasini
jillil mankeum michidolog silheunde

dolawa neo naegen niga pilyohae michyeossda haedo neo animyeon andoel geos gata
nae gaseumi neol mos ijgessdaneunde
ajigdo nae maeumsoge saneun niga bogo sipda

Credit: HallyuMusic
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I fill up my wallet that you bought for me
I make reservations at the restaurant you used to go to
In the seat you used to sit in, is a different person
With whom I am having an awkward conversation

I tell the funny stories I used to tell you
Like a robot, I say the same things over and over again
On the outside, I am smiling but it’s not as great as it looks
Because I keep seeing her as you

* Not making any sense, I meet other people
Not making any sense, I try to love another person
When my love is only you
I hate myself for laughing with someone that isn’t you

I stop by that place that you liked
I pick out some clothes that you would like
And I celebrate a birthday of someone that’s not you
Even I think I am pretty ridiculous

* repeat

Tears are forming in me but
In front of the other person, I pretend to be okay and smile
Me, acting like this – me, being so cowardly –
I crazily hate myself to the point that I get sick of it

Come back to me, I need you
Even if they say I’m crazy, I can’t go on without you
My heart says that it can’t forget you
I miss you, who still lives in my heart
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