Wasted (훅 갔어) (Feat. Bizzy)

From New Breed album by Bizzy, Jay Park
Written by Bizzy, Jay Park
Composed by Lodef
February 7, 2012
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Jay Park)
Yeah Jay Park I’m fucking drunk listen
I’m a bit dizzy, my head is about to burst
But I don’t care, order a bottle or two more
I decided today, I’m gonna pass out
Or maybe just something else huh fuck it man
I feel so good, this is my playground, now let’s play
Celebrity or not, I don’t care at this moment
Fuck it, I’m a person too – aren’t we all the same? yeah
I play as hard as I work – put your glasses above your heads
Jack daniels and cola jager bomb or champagne
We doin the damn thang I was gonna chill but plans change
I spend my money as easily as I write my rap lyrics
I fought with my mind but now it says it doesn’t like me
My sweet life is like chocolate
Look, all the girls are gathered around here and it goes like

* Wasted, wasted – we’re definitely going to regret this
Wasted, wasted – It’s alright, we won’t remember when we get up
One Shot, Two shots, Three shots, Four shots,
Five Shots, Six shots Oh shit I got wasted

Mix soju with beer and make a “bomb” drink – don’t say anything
Just pour me a shot and I’ll pour you one too
Keep this up, my emptying shot glass makes my mood go up
Don’t stop me today, I have this swag that can’t be bought with money
You can’t take that away from me –
I’m Drunk Drunk Drunk Drunk Drunk till a fuck it
Thirsty Bizzy B, I’m still thirsty – put your glasses above your heads
Everyone cheers for the good life, yeah that’s a goodl ife
Stop with the trash talking and complaining about that guy
I don’t care about anything today – it’s a secret but I’m not sleeping alone tonight
I’m so gone, I’m dying, I’m so gone, I’m dying
I’m so gone, I’m gonna puke
Jay please, pat pat pat pat pat pat pat my back
Pat pat pat pat pat pat pat my back
Pat pat pat pat pat pat pat my back

* repeat
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