Step Son (Feat. Nacho Picasso)

Written by Jay Park, Nacho Picasso
Arranged by GroovyRoom, Junior Chef
June 7, 2019
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I’m like a like a
Rock festival
Boy I be getting them bands
Know that I never lose
Yeah I be h1gh in demand
Rawest in all of the land
More than the fish in Japan
Fuck shit up that be the plan
Fuck shit up that be the plan
I’m an odd odd ball hardcore porn got nothing on me
Declaring nonstop war all y’all boring ain’t nothing to see
The town put it down on the come up till sun up ain’t nobody fuckin’ with we
We wavy like surfers that don’t give a fuck about sharks and still come to the beach
Please don’t waste my mothafuckin’ time
Booty calls included baby please don’t hit my line
H1GHR AOMG we be on the fuckin’ grind
Actually maybe you cause you so mothafuckin fine
Yes I’m all about peace
My white Bentley leased
Negativity singyeong an sseuji
nae mamdaelo amu mal daejanchi mallil suneun eobsjanha
Couple of Bad Boyz like Diddy and Mase and they know we don’t stop

You think you running shit we running faster
Mothafucka you’s a demo I’m a master
You batting with a stick when I’m the catcher
Push you to the side like you was a step son
Step son step son
Push you to the side like you was a step son
Step son step son
Push you to the side
Skrrt skrrt skrrt

I’m fun anywhere I fuck in the mirror
I cum in her hair shoot my gun in the air
I’m Nacho La Flare not Nacho the square
She not tryna share but there’s nacho to spare
My fucking for leisure she fuck for a visa
She simpin’ like Lisa I’m catching amnesia
My fascion like freeza she bi like Felicia
She buying me sneakers I might wanna keep her
Maybe not on the 2nd thought
Three o’clock on my second thot
Neo pop with a neon top
We won’t stop got the key on lock
Shit on opps and I pee on cops
Flirt with moms and I beat up pops
Call me Jack cause I’m in the box
Your album limp and it’s finna flop
I made it through hell but I ain’t a demon
Like a skeletor but I am a human
She rocking my boat salute to my sea men
She bobbing and weaving she overachieving
They always talking bout’ you trying to rap some
Step son nigga you my step son
Learn a lesson follow step 1
Don’t step unless you want your tee a wet one
Never leave a house without rocking a weapon
You versus me like JKwon versus Raekwon
Step son step son
Where the next one we might have to catch one

Credit: HallyuMusic
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