Raw Sh!t

From Raw Sh!t album by Jay Park
Written by Jay Park
Composed by DJ Wegun
Arranged by DJ Wegun
April 3, 2017
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I made it made it like
construction boy I paved the way
I’m cakin’ cakin’ fuck you
I’m gettin’ paid today
And every other day matter of fact
Pat on the back if you made
the shot then I’m the
one who made the play
This right here ain’t for
K-Pop fans No K-Pop dance
Shots in the stomach AR-AB
But no bullets man
I’m talkin’ bout that dark liquor,
hard spitta’, broad getta’
success I’m gettin’ to that far quicka’
This that moment of clarity
Mic burstin’ into flames
like I filled it with kerosene
Life is a pretty bitch and
I’m askin’ where is she?
Tell me please so I can find her
and then ask her to marry me
Yeah This legendary flow
call it Pac call it Jov
Yeah I’m bussin’ down yo do’ sucka’
how you wanna go?
Eenie Miny Moe
Pick and choose either way you lose
when I’m in the booth have these
rappers shakin’ in their boots

Legendary moment
You’ll know when you see my schedule, who’s hot
Who else but me?
Release a hit R&B album then rap on this beat, boom bap
Yeah I bust it (bus it)
Like T Money card charging
Nothin’ AOMG started from my heart
Now anyone can see, Number 1 f*ck a gun
My weapon is my guts
I’ll spill out my carbonated rap
Spill out my carbonated rap, what too immature?
Jay Park maintains his fame with his tits party
Nah, there’s tons of hotties in the celeb world
My secret is my skill, this that AOMG hustle
Yeah What the f*ck you gonna do
When we run up on you
Two lions on my body, I’m a f*ckin jungle
Check yo mic like 1 and 2
Fold up the paper with your lyrics
You can try to rap but you can’t win over my authenticity bro
Listen carefully
Whatever I do, Jay Park is honest now
Mc Hammer boy You ain’t touchin’ me
Fifth year I’m carrying this hip-hop scene on my back

So the talents that the Lord has given me won’t go to waste
Step by step on the stairway to heaven
Up to the promise land
My plan is to spread the power of positivity
Enemies try to ruin me, so many demons
Praying that a country contaminated with virus will be healed
We need a true leader
Movements filled with evil
We’re the victims
Man It’s all f*cked up
Lighting the candles with hope
I don’t support dirty politicians
I support the people that’s wishing,
for a better life better world
For all the boys and girls
But with food, water and
media they try to poison us
When will stop killers frontin’ like they cops
PPL prayin’ in the house of
God afraid they gon’ get shot
I know it won’t get better in day
But I hope it don’t get worse I pray
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