AOM & 1llionaire (Feat. The Quiett, Dok2)

Written by The Quiett, DOK2, Jay Park
Composed by DOK2
February 7, 2012
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This song is rated R for explicitness

* AOM and illie AOM&1llionaire AOM and illie
AOM&1llionaire AOM and illie AOM&1llionaire
AOM and illie AOM&1llionaire AOM and illie
AOM&1llionaire AOM and illie AOM&1llionaire
AOM and illie AOM&1llionaire AOM and illie AOM&1llionaire

Jay Park)
Normal singers have choreography, I have a freestyle dance
If I’m the true original, normal singers are the fake ones
In terms of skill, normal singers are the runts
Normal singers, they can’t spit it like me like haaktoo
No one can do it like me, there’s only one of me in this world
I’ll make you intoxicated with my music, the rest is like bad bar food
I don’t mess around, I explode like a bomb – ticking time bomb like tick tock
Boom aom and illie gonna make a milli
The world’s number 1 hip hop crew hip hop crew big shit pops too
Even if you know me, I don’t know you, who is you?
You’re not my family bitch, stop copying my skills
I will give you body shots hit you with the muhfuckin 1’s and 2’s
Life goes however I want it to go, the unexpected end to my book, can’t handle my reach
You are the sleeve of my t-shirt, I’m that front car that you can’t surpass
We can’t have a conversation at the zoo because I’m a wild stallion

* repeat

The Quiett)
Wearing my fresh new jays that I just took out of the box
And I thread through the stage with Gonzo and Jay
Wherever we go in the world, my crew makes the most money in any currency
Won dollar and yen we got miami heat flow
Heat it up, what’s up party people – the bursting shouts of the crowd
Teach them ways to forget everything and just play
When 808 kicks go, she is completely shaking it
I’m knocking and the door to her heart is opening
Now shorty right there that’s my chick AOM&ILLIONAIRE
Yeah that’s my click – we go further just when your hands are about to touch
You know we on a swagger level fuckin 1000
To girls, you’re not even in their eyes
Yo Dok2, tell them our name one more time

* repeat

Art of movement and the illionaire
Jay Park on top of this stage, when I hold the mic
Your lil name got abandoned I came from the bottom but you ain’t so be quiet
If skill and money are fat, you’re on a diet
Even if I don’t make compromises, I’m pretty well off
I have ten albums and I have a new one out right now so go buy it
You can’t do it like me, so look for something else to do
You’re just a part-time worker who might get fired any moment
But I’m a full time hustler boy, don’t mess with me
You could never hustle a hustler boy
Youz a pussy ass bitch I don’t fuck with you boy
All the ladies up in here come fuck with your boy ha
If you don’t know me, you’re a spy in this place
To say my name here will make things explode here and there
I’m not dead – if rap is a game, I’m the main character CJ
Once again, if rap is a game, I run it EA

* repeat
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