Sober (Feat. Ummet Ozcan) (English Ver.)


I know that I’m a mess, Do things that I regret, Can’t help that I can’t help myself
You’ll never understand, It’s hard to have one man, So just for now I’ll wish you well

*Cause I ain’t looking, Right now ain’t looking for love
But I might be feeling, Some kinda way tomorrow
Tonight I’m doing, All of the things that I want
I better be going, But if you want tomorrow

**You can take me out, Pour some wine and rub my shoulders
But I don’t want you now I’ll come back when I’m hungover
So I’ll, be yours when the night is over
I, only love you when I’m sober

Can tell you’re into this, And that sometimes you wish
That you could have me all to yourself
You don’t know where I’ve been, Cause I just came and went
I’m not the type to kiss and tell



Only love you when I’m sober

Credit: HallyuMusic
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