Shall We Go

August 24, 2015
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Who knows.
어쩌다 문득 드는 외로운 기분
혼자 남은것 같은 생각 들 때마다
Just now.
듣고 싶었어 행복했던 그날의 노래
눈을 감으면 다시 흘러나와

기대하는 일들이 모두 이뤄 질 것만 같은
그런 새로운 세상위로

oh shall we go~
어디라도 with you. 갈수있어.
(I) can show new world
아주 먼곳 그대와 나 함께
갈수 있어. oh shall we go~

I know.
그때 그대와 내가 마주친 순간
Story 얽힌 우리는 우연 아닌거야.
Just you
지금도 우린 여기. 약속한 곳에 함께
누구도 아닌 너와 있는거야

힘들고 지쳐 쓰러진대도
Close your eyes. Hold your breath.
눈부신 세상이 우리를
밝게 비춰 줄거야.

Credit: Naver Music
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Who knows.
eojjeoda mundeug deuneun oeloun gibun
honja nameungeos gateun saenggag deul ttaemada
Just now.
deudgo sipeosseo haengboghaessdeon geunalui nolae
nuneul gameumyeon dasi heulleonawa

gidaehaneun ildeuli modu ilwo jil geosman gateun
geuleon saeloun sesangwilo

oh shall we go~
eodilado with you. galsuisseo.
(I) can show new world
aju meongos geudaewa na hamkke
galsu isseo. oh shall we go~

I know.
geuttae geudaewa naega majuchin sungan
Story eolghin ulineun uyeon aningeoya.
Just you
jigeumdo ulin yeogi. yagsoghan gose hamkke
nugudo anin neowa issneungeoya

himdeulgo jichyeo sseuleojindaedo
Close your eyes. Hold your breath.
nunbusin sesangi ulileul
balgge bichwo julgeoya.

Credit: HallyuMusic
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Who knows
Sometimes, when I suddenly feel lonely
When I feel like I’m all alone
Just now
I want to listen to the song from the happy days
When I close my eyes, it plays again

To a new world
Where it feels like anything is possible

oh shall we go
Wherever, if it’s with you, I can go
(I) can show new world
Far away, you and I together, we can go
oh shall we go

I know
The moment you and I ran into each other
Our stories entwined, it wasn’t an accident
Just you
Right now, we’re here at this place we promised on
Not with anyone else but with you

Even when things are hard and you fall
Close your eyes. Hold your breath.
The dazzling world will shine brightly on us
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