Loving you

From Borg Mom OST Part 9 album by HEYNE
Written by Major League
Composed by Major League
Arranged by Major League
November 10, 2017
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하루에도 몇번씩 네 생각에
휴대폰만 봐

혹시 너도 내 맘과 같을지
너의 전활 기다려

벨소리만 들려도 두근두근
내 맘 들킬까
아무렇지 않은척 받고
도도한척 해볼래도
벌써 웃음이

cause i'm loveing you
cause loving you
내 맘 아무래도 못 숨길것 같아
조금 튕기려해도 가슴이
벌써 떨려오는걸

cause i'm loveing you
cause loving you
널 보기만해도 내 입가엔 미소가
번져 감출수가 없는걸
그냥 고백할게 사랑해

숨기려 해봐도 계속 자라나서
(i just wanna love)
이제 담을 수 없어 넘치는 내 맘

Credit: Naver Music
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haluedo myeochbeonssig ne saenggage
hyudaeponman bwa

hogsi neodo nae mamgwa gateulji
neoui jeonhwal gidalyeo

belsoliman deullyeodo dugeundugeun
nae mam deulkilkka
amuleohji anheuncheog badgo
dodohancheog haebollaedo
beolsseo useumi

cause i'm loveing you
cause loving you
nae mam amulaedo mos sumgilgeos gata
jogeum twinggilyeohaedo gaseumi
beolsseo tteollyeooneungeol

cause i'm loveing you
cause loving you
neol bogimanhaedo nae ibgaen misoga
beonjyeo gamchulsuga eobsneungeol
geunyang gobaeghalge salanghae

sumgilyeo haebwado gyesog jalanaseo
(i just wanna love)
ije dameul su eobseo neomchineun nae mam

Credit: HallyuMusic
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I think of you several times a day
So I keep checking my phone

Do you feel the same way too?
I’m waiting for your call

Whenever I hear the phone ringing, my heart pounds
Can you hear my heart?
I pick up, acting like I’m fine
Trying to act chic
But I’m already smiling

cause i’m loving you
cause loving you
I don’t think I can hide my heart
I try to play hard to get
But my heart is already trembling

cause i’m loving you
cause loving you
Just looking at you puts a smile on my face
It spreads and I can’t stop
I’ll just confess to you, I love you

I try to hide it but it keeps growing
(i just wanna love)
I can’t contain my overflowing heart
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