From Me? album by HA:TFELT
July 31, 2014
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자 시작해봐 하고 싶다던 말
자 얘기해봐 제발 들어달라던 얘길

단 한번만이라도 내게
단 한번만이라도

I need truth I need truth
단 한번만이라도
I need truth
단 한번만이라도

마지막이야 이 모든 미친 짓의
마지막 기회야 니 말을 끝까지 들어줄

아직도 모르겠어?
난 니 바닥을 봤어

내가 아는 게 뭔지 거기 맞춘 조각들
껍질뿐인 약속들 익숙해진 눈물도
집어삼켜 내가 듣고 싶은 건

단 한번만이라도

Credit: Naver Music
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ja sijaghaebwa hago sipdadeon mal
ja yaegihaebwa jebal deuleodalladeon yaegil

dan hanbeonmanilado naege
dan hanbeonmanilado

I need truth I need truth
dan hanbeonmanilado
I need truth
dan hanbeonmanilado

majimagiya i modeun michin jisui
majimag gihoeya ni maleul kkeutkkaji deuleojul

ajigdo moleugesseo?
nan ni badageul bwasseo

naega aneun ge mwonji geogi majchun jogagdeul
kkeobjilppunin yagsogdeul igsughaejin nunmuldo
jibeosamkyeo naega deudgo sipeun geon

dan hanbeonmanilado

Credit: HallyuMusic
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I know there are so many pretty girls in the world
And how much I try, no matter how much I try, some things just can’t be
I know you just have a lot of curiosity
Like butterfly, you are attracted to the flashy colors

But u gotta know

No one can love you like I can
No one can understand you as much as me
Ain’t nobody nobody nobody gonna love you like I do
I do I do Ain’t nobody

Love you like I do

I know why no one taught you love
And how to love a girl, you think of everything as a game
You take youth as a weapon and experience as an excuse to find new feelings of love
As you wandered through the darkness, you probably erased me for a moment
An electrifying wave probably wrapped around you

Tell me who’s the winner now
You’re crying and I’m crying
The only thing that’s left is pain
Tell me what we gonna do
Even after everything fell apart, I still love you

Ain’t nobody
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