PEOPLE SCARE ME (난 사람이 제일 무서워)


내가 태어난 1980년에 레논이 죽었어.
난 늘 최악만 imagine 해.
그래서 두려워.
난 사람이 제일 무서워.

익은 걸 썩은 취급하는 이 시대에 뭘 바래?
고개 숙인 벼는 베이기만 해.
숨을 쉴 수가 없어.
난 사람이 제일 무서워.

듣기 싫어 평온, 평화를 뺏은 놈들의 "rest in peace".
박수 칠 때 떠나래. 떠나야 박수 치는 세상이.
참 우스워.
난 사람이 제일 무서워.

편히 잠들 수 없어.
난 이제 알지 사람 일은 모르는 법. 다 판사 노릇 해도.
Sometimes to get to God,
first you gotta meet the Devil.

넌 세상 돌아가는 법을 모른대.
꾸짖던 어르신들 덕에 잘만 보는데,
세상이 돌고 있는 게.
그래서 난 사람이 제일 무서워.

이젠 strong man의 시댄데 다 일으키기엔 힘 딸리나봐.
정의가 입이 무거워 쉽게 들리지 않나 봐.
We at war.
난 사람이 제일 무서워.

알 권리 세례 속에 살 권리를 잊게 하는 MEDIA.
기어 다니는 자의 달콤한 혀를 믿지 마.
It’s a lie.
난 사람이 제일 무서워.

아빠의 장례식에 와 죽음이 치유라는 둥 떠들며 웃던 목사.
좆 까. 네 신이 병가 중.
하늘엔 하늘 뿐이었어.
난 사람이 제일 무서워.

아무도 믿을 수 없어.
Cuz you are fucked if you think that it's gonna be okay.
상상은 자유인데 자유는 상상도 못 해.
이 세상이 무서워.

바람 잘 날 없지. 내 일기장은 해마다 절판 위기에 빠지네.
지금의 난 37쇄. 알 수 없어.

소리 아닌 상처 내서 만든 노래들.
편히 잠들 수 있어.

편히 잠들 수 있어.

Be with me, God.

Credit: Naver Music
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naega taeeonan 1980nyeone lenoni jugeosseo.
nan neul choeagman imagine hae.
geulaeseo dulyeowo.
nan salami jeil museowo.

igeun geol sseogeun chwigeubhaneun i sidaee mwol balae?
gogae sugin byeoneun beigiman hae.
sumeul swil suga eobseo.
nan salami jeil museowo.

deudgi silheo pyeongon, pyeonghwaleul ppaeseun nomdeului "rest in peace".
bagsu chil ttae tteonalae. tteonaya bagsu chineun sesangi.
cham useuwo.
nan salami jeil museowo.

pyeonhi jamdeul su eobseo.
nan ije alji salam ileun moleuneun beob. da pansa noleus haedo.
Sometimes to get to God,
first you gotta meet the Devil.

neon sesang dolaganeun beobeul moleundae.
kkujijdeon eoleusindeul deoge jalman boneunde,
sesangi dolgo issneun ge.
geulaeseo nan salami jeil museowo.

ijen strong manui sidaende da ileukigien him ttallinabwa.
jeonguiga ibi mugeowo swibge deulliji anhna bwa.
We at war.
nan salami jeil museowo.

al gwonli selye soge sal gwonlileul ijge haneun MEDIA.
gieo danineun jaui dalkomhan hyeoleul midji ma.
It’s a lie.
nan salami jeil museowo.

appaui janglyesige wa jugeumi chiyulaneun dung tteodeulmyeo usdeon mogsa.
joj kka. ne sini byeongga jung.
haneulen haneul ppunieosseo.
nan salami jeil museowo.

amudo mideul su eobseo.
Cuz you are fucked if you think that it's gonna be okay.
sangsangeun jayuinde jayuneun sangsangdo mos hae.
i sesangi museowo.

balam jal nal eobsji. nae ilgijangeun haemada jeolpan wigie ppajine.
jigeumui nan 37swae. al su eobseo.

soli anin sangcheo naeseo mandeun nolaedeul.
pyeonhi jamdeul su isseo.

pyeonhi jamdeul su isseo.

Be with me, God.

Credit: HallyuMusic
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In 1980 when I was born, Lennon died
I only imagine the worst
So I’m scared
People scare me the most

What do you expect from this generation?
When they treat the ripe as the rotten
If you look down, you’ll get cut
I can’t breathe
People scare me the most

Don’t wanna hear “rest in peace”
From people who take away peace
They say to leave when you’re still being applauded
When the world only claps if you leave
So funny
People scare me the most

I can’t fall asleep
Now I know that you never know when it comes to people
They all try to act like the judge
Sometimes to get to God
first you gotta meet the Devil

They say I don’t know how the world works
But thanks to the adults who scolded me
I can see so clearly how the world works
So people scare me the most

It’s the time of the strong man now
But I guess they don’t have enough strength to raise everyone up
I guess the truth has such a tightly shut mouth
That people can’t really hear it
We at war
People scare me the most

The media says you have a right to know
But they make you forget your right to live
Don’t trust the sweet tongues of those who crawl
It’s a lie
People scare me the most

The pastor who chatted and laughed at my father’s funeral
Saying that death is the ultimate healing
Fuck off, your god is on sick leave
In the sky, there was only the sky
People scare me the most

I can’t trust anyone
Cuz you are fucked if you think that it’s gonna be okay
You’re free to your own imaginations
But you can’t even imagine freedom
This world scares me

Wind is always blowing
My diary is in danger of going out of copy
37 right now, I can’t figure it out

Songs I made not with sound but with scars
I’m all bloody but we’ve done something wonderful
I can sleep in peace

I can sleep in peace

Be with me, God
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