Good Evening (신사들의 몰락)

From High Society album by EPIK HIGH
Written by Tablo, Mithra Jin, DJ Tukutz
Composed by Tablo
Arranged by Tablo
July 26, 2004
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Tablo: Yes. So far, you’ve been listening to Epik High’s second album, High Society. Did you enjoy it? I’m Epik’s Tablo: “from life to the heart, from the heart to rhymes”.
Mithra: Yes. And I’m Epik’s Mithra: “an artist painting rhymes on a white paper called beats”.
Tukutz: Yes. I’m Epik’s DJ Tukutz: “the conductor of street culture”.
Mithra: Yes. We, Epik High, will always, whenever you are feeling tired and lonely, always…
Recording booth owner: Hey, hey, hey! Stop, stop! Stop!
Tablo: Hey, turn the music off! Off, off, off!
Recording booth owner: Who do you guys think you are?
Tukutz: Who, who, who… are you?
Recording booth owner: Who told you to use this place? Have you paid? Have you paid?
Tablo: Ah, gentleman? I’m s- I’m sorry, but-
Tukutz: Ahjussi?
Mithra: Ahjussi…
Recording booth owner: Hey, these bastards have no credibility. I told you to pay the money.
Mithra: Hey, what do you mean, ‘bastards’?
Tablo: Ah… Ahjussi, why are you being like that?
Recording booth owner: You little brats…
Mithra: Why are you swearing?
Tukutz: Why are you being like that, really… We’re sorry… We said we’re sorry, so why are you being like that?
Recording booth owner: These bastards. I told you to pay the money. Pay before using it, you bastards.
Tablo: Ah, why are you- why are you spitting on my face?! Fuck! I-
Tukutz: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m s- I’m going out, out, out!
Mithra: We’re leaving, for goodness’ sake.

Ahjussi is a Korean word used to refer to a middle-aged man
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