Eight By Eight (Feat. Dynamic Duo, Dok2, Double K, TBNY)

Composed by DJ Tukutz
Arranged by DJ Tukutz
April 17, 2008
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My trendy style is sick like a flu
This beat and I are mixed like whipped cream and strawberries
This stage without me is like wheels without rims
Like fishing without pins, it’s nothing without this
So regardless of how hot your passion is, you’re nothing but a groomsman, so better study my flow
Even though you pretend that what I’ve got is yours, I don’t care
Because whenever that happens, I change my clothes right there

Hip-hop à la future
My voice is a pair of skinny jeans for the beat, fucker, they stick on to it
My technique, lyrical Kamasutra
You wear a short-sleeved shirt in winter… You’d probably feel cold
You frustrate me, your lyrics are weak like a druggie.
Even when you fail, who would you blame?
Even when I ignore you, you’re nothing but a piece of gum
Your mental state is like a drunken brawler in a food stall, you’re sick

Look straight into my eyes and try barking at me, reservoir dogs
Pointing your finger at me? No thanks, the bus has already left
Your flow is like that of a clown at a circus
You’re drunk with insignificance, you son of a …
You’re a little bird, so don’t chase after me or you’ll get hurt
You’ll be trapped in that rough storm again, I got you
In this scene like a food chain, we’re on top
Nothing, no one, not a thing’s gonna break me

Your voice is already cracking
If you were an instrument, you’d be a guitar horribly out of tune
You’ve got no guts, but full of pride
So you’re just posing in front of a club and acting shallowly like this
You’re having a hard time chasing after us
We’ve been here for eight years, count them
You think we need a generation replacement? No thanks
Keep being jealous while I keep rediscovering myself

Today, I split the beat again and handle the techniques of the tongue
Shut your dry lips, I’ve caught the leading jockey
Many mistakes and empty issues are not everything
I believe that appropriate comparisons and the healing of the mouth are everything
My words are like a Pegasus that will take only a day to run a thousand miles
I open up the desert of shattered ideas
I’ve taken the lead in a dead-end change, too
Like that, history wrote me down on its last page

The word 'ill' is very low in terms of numbers
Following the logic, the money I earn from my job is equally as low
Sometimes, from a third person’s point of view, it’d be an unfamiliar sight
Those with loose screws would all scream
I’m a spreading disease, look, nobody’s iller
Hitler, the killer of six million, will probably stab your necks
Young children, if you’re not related, then kneel and beg
You pigs, I kill you with my rhyme stick-up.

This is eight by eight, I’ll beat you scene by scene and take by take
You’re fake and and I’m greater than great
When you substitute it into us, music is like our lover
To you, it’s nothing but a game that only ruins you

The world is mine, hate it or love it, I get a headache every night
I can’t even walk in this condition, the reality hits me
My game is Korean hip-hop right here
Because I’m still full of spirit and hot like fire, can’t stop yo
Yeah, who’d stop me? Following my own views, I receive sacred investments
Tell me who tryin’ to block, I embrace even my haters in my arms
I put every moment into it, I’m the king, boy

Where do these fucking fly-like bastards keep buzzing?
I’m mad right now, so stop asking for a whipping
My rap kills, like Han Sukbong’s mother, I chop your pride as easily as chopping rice cakes in the dark
You can’t stand against me, you’re too young
Whenever I yell, you become frozen
When I start chewing on something, I never spit it out until it loses all its flavour
Stay nervous, I’ll take ya.
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