I dream

From I dream album by Elkie
Written by Elkie
Composed by Elkie, Baegki
Arranged by Kang Dong Ha
November 23, 2018
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눈이 내려올 때면
설렘에 눈을 감아
맘을 들어줬으면 해

작은 소원
어른 되고픈 그 말을 한 게 엊그제 같아
이뤘는데 행복하지 않아

늘 웃던 내가
점점 굳어가는 표정이
알고 싶었던 세상이
알수록 놀라운 현실
태연한 척 애써 노력하고
괜찮은 척 견뎌내고
마음속으로 눈물만 흘렸었죠

I dream 좋은 날 내게 올 거야
I dream 봄은 오니까
긴 기다림 뒤에 봄빛이 가득 차는 그 때를 위해
아낌없이 노력해야만 해

Oh yes I dream 큰 꿈을 꾸고 있는 나
I dream 믿고 있는 나
추운 겨울 지나 꽃 필 차례 내게 올 바람
비가 그치면 무지개 되는 날

작은 창문으로
아무도 모르게 그렸던
보고 싶었던 세상이
볼수록 커지는 맘이
더 이상 감출 수가 없는 나
더욱 참을 수 없어 난
날개를 달고 하늘을 날고 싶어

I’ll be 미소 짓게 하는 사람
행복 나눠줄 사람
진정한 행복 무엇보다 지금 이 순간
나의 곁에 네가 있어서

Credit: Naver Music
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nuni naelyeool ttaemyeon
seolleme nuneul gama
mameul deuleojwosseumyeon hae

jageun sowon
eoleun doegopeun geu maleul han ge eojgeuje gata
ilwossneunde haengboghaji anha

neul usdeon naega
jeomjeom gudeoganeun pyojeongi
algo sipeossdeon sesangi
alsulog nollaun hyeonsil
taeyeonhan cheog aesseo nolyeoghago
gwaenchanheun cheog gyeondyeonaego
maeumsogeulo nunmulman heullyeosseossjyo

I dream joheun nal naege ol geoya
I dream bomeun onikka
gin gidalim dwie bombichi gadeug chaneun geu ttaeleul wihae
akkimeobsi nolyeoghaeyaman hae

Oh yes I dream keun kkumeul kkugo issneun na
I dream midgo issneun na
chuun gyeoul jina kkoch pil chalye naege ol balam
biga geuchimyeon mujigae doeneun nal

jageun changmuneulo
amudo moleuge geulyeossdeon
bogo sipeossdeon sesangi
bolsulog keojineun mami
deo isang gamchul suga eobsneun na
deoug chameul su eobseo nan
nalgaeleul dalgo haneuleul nalgo sipeo

I’ll be miso jisge haneun salam
haengbog nanwojul salam
jinjeonghan haengbog mueosboda jigeum i sungan
naui gyeote nega isseoseo

Credit: HallyuMusic
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When the snow starts to fall
My heart flutters so much that I close my eyes
I hope you’ll listen to my heart

I had a small wish
Feels like yesterday when I said I wanted to grow up
It came true but I’m not happy

I used to always smile
But my face is hardening more and more
The world I wanted to know
Surprises me with its reality
I try to act calm
I try to seem ok, trying to endure
But in my heart, only tears fall

I dream, good days will come to me
I dream, because spring will come
After a long wait, for the day that will be filled with spring light
I must try hard

Oh yes I dream, I have a big dream
I dream, I believe
After the cold winter, it’s time for the flowers to bloom, the breeze will blow
When the rain stops, a rainbow will appear

Through the small window
I secretly drew out
The world I wanted to see
As my heart grew bigger
I couldn’t hide it anymore
I couldn’t hold it in
I want to spread my wings and fly in the sky

I’ll be the person who makes you smile
The person to share your happiness
True happiness is you being next to me
Right at this moment
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