Tree (나무)

From Memorize album by Buzz
November 26, 2014
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왜 자꾸 그래
화를 내며 울지마
내가 미안해
잘 몰라서 그랬어

무슨 일 있었니
왜 그렇게 봐
그런 표정
익숙하지 않아

내게 돌아서서
저길 걸어가면

조금씩 넌 멀어져
불안해져 난
니 맘 닫혀질까

나는 여기서
내곁에 머물러

널 원해 가엾게도 난 ~ 널

Credit: Naver Music
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wae jakku geulae
hwaleul naemyeo uljima
naega mianhae
jal mollaseo geulaesseo

museun il isseossni
wae geuleohge bwa
geuleon pyojeong
igsughaji anha

naege dolaseoseo
jeogil geoleogamyeon

jogeumssig neon meoleojyeo
bulanhaejyeo nan
ni mam dadhyeojilkka

naneun yeogiseo
naegyeote meomulleo

neol wonhae gayeobsgedo nan ~ neol

Credit: HallyuMusic
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Why do you keep doing this?
Don’t be angry and cry
I’m sorry
I didn’t know any better

Did something happen?
Why are you looking at me like that?
I’m not used to that face

If you wordlessly turn away
And walk over there
Is it over?

You’re getting far away little by little
I’m getting nervous
That I might lose you
That your heart will close

I’m right here
Stay by my side

I want you, pitifully
I, you
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