Singing Praise (Alt Mix)

From Singing Praise album by Brian Joo
April 10, 2013
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The Master is more than just Kind.
O friends, I could never have enough time
To tell you of His boundless Grace.
Only in the remote corner of my heart
I humbly shed tears!

When Thou appearest,
The sun seems to fade!
Thy being
Shining as thousands of stars and countless jewels,
Thy holy and youthful glow
Brighten the darkest corner of my soul.

O my longing heart,
Overfilled with joy!
And divine gladness.
While bathing in Thy infinite Splendor.
All worldly burdens
and sorrows,

There is none in this world
Who’s so full of Love and Mercy.
It would be my great honour
To be just a swallow,
Standing on one leg,
Life after life
Singing Her praise!

Credit: Naver Music
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