Hot issue (Intro)

From Hot Issue album by BIGBANG
Written by G-DRAGON
Composed by G-DRAGON, Brave Brothers
Arranged by Brave Brothers
November 22, 2007
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ayay b-boys & girls listen up
g.d is get back 자 네 귀를 기울여
세상은 변화를 원하지 난 미래의 주역
인기 드라마 속 주연
mic잡은 mc죠 beat위에 내 몸을 적시죠
스무살 엘리뇨 네 맘을 훔치죠
figaro figaro 축배를 드시죠
(today′s special day yo)

나란놈은 미치광이 완벽주의자
(그게 니 매력?그래서 끌릴까)
지나친 행동은 악영향을 미친다
(hey 내 사전에 실패란 없어)
rap to the song and dancing
beatbox fashion styling까지
BIGBANG leader 부르짖어
잘난맛에사는게 낙 so wut you wanna do

(hot Issue) 내가 뭘 하건 어딜 가건 모든게
(hot Issue) 누굴만나건 특종 사건 um
(hot Issue) 내가 뭘 입던 무슨 말 하던 모든게
(hot Issue) anywhere anytime focus me
바로 내가 hot hot hot hot Issue

Credit: Naver Music
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ayay bboys & girls listen up
g.d is get back ja ne gwileul giulyeo
sesangeun byeonhwaleul wonhaji nan milaeui juyeog
ingi deulama sog juyeon
micjabeun mcjyo beatwie nae momeul jeogsijyo
seumusal ellinyo ne mameul humchijyo
figaro figaro chugbaeleul deusijyo
(today′s special day yo)

nalannomeun michigwangi wanbyeogjuuija
(geuge ni maelyeog?geulaeseo kkeullilkka)
jinachin haengdongeun agyeonghyangeul michinda
(hey nae sajeone silpaelan eobseo)
rap to the song and dancing
beatbox fashion stylingkkaji
BIGBANG leader buleujijeo
jalnanmasesaneunge nag so wut you wanna do

(hot Issue) naega mwol hageon eodil gageon modeunge
(hot Issue) nugulmannageon teugjong sageon um
(hot Issue) naega mwol ibdeon museun mal hadeon modeunge
(hot Issue) anywhere anytime focus me
balo naega hot hot hot hot Issue

Credit: HallyuMusic
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Yeah, guess who? (BIG BANG) (Uh-huh, uh-huh)
2007, 5-mic checker (Uh-huh, uh-huh) We’re back (Right here) (Uh-huh, uh-huh)
Welcome to ladies & gentleman (I appreciate it) (Uh-huh, uh-huh)
My name is G-D.R.A.G.O.N. (Uh-huh) Represent (sure ’nuff) (He’s dangerous)

Ay, ay b-boys & girls listen up G.D. is get back, well,listen carefully
the world need a change,I am the lead of the future,the protagonist in a popular drama
holding a Mic I am an MC,my body soaked in the beat, a twenty year old El Nino,I steal your heart
Fi-ga-ro, figaro let's toast (today’s a special day yo)
A guy like me is a lunatic a perfectionist (that's your charm? so will I be attracted?)
my past actions have a bad influence? Hey! failure is not in my vocabulary!
Rap to the song and dancing, beat-box,until fashion styling
Big Bang leader, I cry out, I am fed by my own pride, so what you wanna do?

(Hot issue) what I do,where I go,everything (Hot issue) who I meet with is a scoop? (Um)
(Hot issue) what I wear and what I say,everything (Hot issue) Anywhere, anytime, fo-focus me
I am hot hot hot hot issue

Yea, YG in the house, BIG BANG, know what I’m saying? One
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