That Way (そうすれば)

From Follow Me album by B1A4
May 24, 2017
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疲れ果てて 立ち止まっても
夢追いかけて 見失っても


Ah どんな時も ココロノテを離さないで
そうすれば いつも僕ら 寄り添っていれるから
大事なことは 本当の自分を 信じること
泣き顔も 優しい笑顔も 全てがあなただから

僕らがいる 自分を信じて

闇にさした 夢への光
今その足で 遅くたっていい
希望の一歩 踏み出して


Ah どんな時も ココロノメを閉ざさないで
そうすればいつも君は 温もりで満たされるから
Ah 忘れないで どんな自分も 愛すること
昨日の後悔も いつかの喜びも

受け止めて 包み込んであげよう
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tsukarehatete tachidomattemo
sonna kao wo shinaide
yume oikakete miushinattemo
sono tomoshibi kesanaide

kanashimi ni kuretemo
tada mae wo mitsumete

Ah donna toki mo kokoro no te wo hanasanaide
sou sureba itsumo bokura yorisotte ireru kara
daijina koto wa hontou no jibun wo shinjiru koto
nakigao mo yasashii egao mo subete ga anata dakara

sora wo mite
bokura ga iru jibun wo shinjite

yami ni sashita yume e no hikari
sore ga toomawari demo
ima sono ashi de osokutatte ii
kibou no ippo fumidashite

kuzuresouna yoru mo
tooi sora miagete

Ah donna toki mo kokoro no me wo tozasanaide
sou sureba itsumo kimi wa nukumori de mitasareru kara
Ah wasurenaide donna jibun mo aisuru koto
kinou no koukai mo itsuka no yorokobi mo
subete ga anata dakara

uketomete tsutsumikonde ageyou
subete ga anata dakara
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Even if you’re exhausted and stop
Don’t make that face
Even if you chase your dream and lose sight of it
Don’t extinguish that flame

Even if sorrow darkens your world
Simply look forward

Ah, no matter when, don’t let go of your heart’s hand
That way, we’ll always be able to get closer to each other
What’s most important is believing in your true self
Because your crying face and your gentle smile, all of it is you

Look at the sky
We are here, believe in yourself

A light towards dreams shone in darkness
Even if that’s a detour
It’s okay to go on foot and arrive late
Take the first step of hope forward

Even on nights you feel as if you’re crumbling
Look up at the distant sky

Ah, no matter when, don’t close your heart’s eyes
That way, you’ll always be filled with warmth
Ah, don’t forget to love any version of yourself
Because yesterday’s regret and someday’s joy
All of it is you

I shall take you in and wrap you up
Because all of it is you
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