One Spring Day (어느 봄날)

From One Spring Day album by 2AM
Composed by Kim Do Hoon (RBW)
Arranged by Kim Do Hoon (RBW)
March 5, 2013
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그대 오늘 아침 출근길은 어땠나요
한결 포근해진 날씨는 그댄 어땠나요
유난히도 추위를 타던 그댄
나는 오늘 아침 정신 없이 바쁘네요
3년 동안 살던 이 집을 떠나가려고 짐을 싸고 있죠
생각나요 손 때 묻은 우리의 흔적들
어제 일만 같죠

*매일 그대 때문에 울고 웃던 날
하루 온종일 설레임 뿐이던 날
괜찮아 괜찮아 괜찮아
모두 다 여기 놓고 가면 돼
추억들 흔적들 모두

아직 그대 짐이 많이 남아 있었네요
그닥 미련따윈 없다고 생각했는데
왈칵 눈물나요
어떡하죠 하나하나 쌓여진 추억들
아직 선명한데


꿈을 꿨죠 그대와 나 이 집에서
둘이 사랑하며 함께하는 날
더 먼 미래에서 뒤 돌아보며
열심히 사랑했었다고
자랑스레 얘기 할거라 믿었는데


Credit: Naver Music
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geudae oneul achim chulgeungileun eottaessnayo
hangyeol pogeunhaejin nalssineun geudaen eottaessnayo
yunanhido chuwileul tadeon geudaen
naneun oneul achim jeongsin eobsi bappeuneyo
3nyeon dongan saldeon i jibeul tteonagalyeogo jimeul ssago issjyo
saenggagnayo son ttae mudeun uliui heunjeogdeul
eoje ilman gatjyo

*maeil geudae ttaemune ulgo usdeon nal
halu onjongil seolleim ppunideon nal
gwaenchanha gwaenchanha gwaenchanha
modu da yeogi nohgo gamyeon dwae
chueogdeul heunjeogdeul modu

ajig geudae jimi manhi nama isseossneyo
geudag milyeonttawin eobsdago saenggaghaessneunde
walkag nunmulnayo
eotteoghajyo hanahana ssahyeojin chueogdeul
ajig seonmyeonghande


kkumeul kkwossjyo geudaewa na i jibeseo
duli salanghamyeo hamkkehaneun nal
deo meon milaeeseo dwi dolabomyeo
yeolsimhi salanghaesseossdago
jalangseule yaegi halgeola mideossneunde


Credit: HallyuMusic
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How was your commute to work this morning?
How were you in this warmed up weather?
You, who especially got cold easily

For me, I was so busy this morning
Because I was packing to move from this place that I lived in for 3 years

I remember the traces of us that still have our smudges on them
It all seems like yesterday
* Every day I cried and laughed because of you
All day, I was only filled with a fluttering heart
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright
I just need to leave them all here
The memories, the traces, everything

A lot of your stuff is still here
I thought I didn’t have any lingering attachments but
Tears suddenly flow

What do I do with each of the stacked up memories?
They are still so clear

* Repeat

I dreamed that you and I would live in this house
The two of us, in love, together

In the far future, when I look back
I thought I would proudly be able to say
That I really loved you

* Repeat
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