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Meng Meiqi (born October 15, 1998), is a Chinese singer based in South Korea signed under Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment.

Meng Meiqi (born October 15, 1998), is a Chinese singer based in South Korea signed under Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment. She is a member of South Korean-Chinese girl group Cosmic Girls . After finishing first in the survival show Produce 101, she became a member of the girl group Rocket Girls 101.

Meiqi was born on October 15, 1998 in Luoyang, Henan, China.

Meng used to study in Luoyang Foreign Language School’s Junior High department. Then she went to South Korea to be a trainee when she was 15 years old.

In December 2015, Starship Entertainment began to release information about a girl group consisting of four units. This would be a collaboration with Chinese entertainment company, Yuehua Entertainment. Meng alongside the other members of the group’s line up released a cover of All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey on December 21. She debuted in Cosmic Girls on February 25, 2016 with their first mini album Would You Like? along with their title tracks “Mo Mo Mo” and “Catch Me”. On March 1, Meiqi together with the other members of in Cosmic Girls held Cosmic Girls’ China Debut Press Conference in Beijing China, announcing to debut in China. On May 28, they attented 2016M-Countdown in China and won the Best New Artist honor. And their first group variety show Would you like girls(우주 LIKE 소녀) was broadcast in Mnet on June 9. Meiqi alongside Cosmic Girls released their second mini album The Secret. On October 28, Meiqi and Xuanyi, Cheng Xiao attended a Chinese variety show Card to card .It was their first time to appear on TV show in China. On November 16, she alongside Cosmic Girls attended Asia Artist Awards, won the prize of Rising Star. On December 21, she sang the theme song of a movie Tohoku is spoken all over the world with Wu Xin and Ma Li.

On January 4, 2017, Cosmic Girls released their third mini album From. WJSN. The EP contains six tracks including the title track “I Wish”. Cosmic Girl held their first solo concert, Would You Like – Happy Moment, from May 19–20 at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.Then their first full-length album, Happy Moment, was released on June 7, 2017, with a total of ten tracks including the lead single “Happy”. The album was topped sales by taking the number 1 spot on the Hanteo’s daily and real-time charts.

Meiqi made her acting debut in 2017 with film Step Up China and she was chief actress in it. Then she played a second lead role in Autumn in My Heart. She was later cast in film Marna alongside Cosmic Girls member Wu Xuanyi, Nine Percent and NEX7 member Zhu Zhengting, and UNIQ member Zhou Yixuan. Her three movies are all set to be released in 2018.

In March 2018 both Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment confirmed that Meiqi and Xuanyi would be participating in the Chinese spin-off of South Korean survival show Produce 101. Due to their participation on the show, they withdrew from the remaining promotions for Cosmic Girls’ fourth mini album Dream Your Dream. Both Meiqi and Xuanyi made it into the final line-up of girl group Rocket Girls on June 23, 2018. She ranked first with over 185 million votes, debuting as the “Center” for Rocket Girls. However, due to the group’s two year contracts with Tencent, it was rumored that Meiqi and Xuanyi would not be participating in any activities in South Korea with Cosmic Girls. Starship Entertainment then stated otherwise, and confirmed that they would be promoting with both Cosmic Girls and Rocket Girls.

On August 9, Yuehua Entertainment and Mavericks Entertainment released a joint announcement stating that they would be withdrawing Meiqi along with Xuanyi and Zining from Rocket Girls. Meiqi and Xuanyi are to resume their activities with Cosmic Girls. However, on August 17, both companies confirmed that after coming to an agreement with Tencent, that Meiqi would be returning to Rocket Girls with Xuanyi and Zining.

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