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Kang Seung-yoon (born January 21, 1994), known as Seungyoon or Yoon, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer, record producer, actor, and leader of boy group Winner.

Kang Seung-yoon (born January 21, 1994), known as Seungyoon or Yoon, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer, record producer, actor, and leader of boy group Winner. In 2010, he participated in the reality television singing contest Superstar K2 and finished in fourth place. In January 2011, he became a trainee under YG Entertainment and went on to debut as a solo artist in July 2013 and as the leader of Winner in August 2014.

Kang Seung-yoon was born in Busan, South Korea, on January 21, 1994. He learned to play the guitar in the eighth grade. When he was in his last year of junior high, he took lessons in both classic guitar and billiards, going on to become the regional representative for billiards.

In 2010, Seungyoon was a contestant on Mnet’s singing contest Superstar K2. He finished in fourth place, having released two singles, “I’ll Write You a Letter” and “Instinctively”. “I’ll Write You a Letter” peaked at number 24 on the Gaon Chart after its release on the Superstar K2: Top 6 (My Story) album, while “Instinctively” became a number one single in Korea and one of the top 100 songs of the year. It was released on its own as a digital single later in the Superstar K2 compilation album, Superstar K2 Up to 11. He also released “Life is Tab” along with three other contestants to promote the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

After initial success with Superstar K2, CEO Yang Hyun-suk signed Kang to YG Entertainment on January 12, 2011. Kang also released a single, “You Are Heaven”, for the soundtrack of the Korean drama Midas.

Seungyoon graduated from Busan High School of Arts with a major in classic guitar in 2012. That year, he appeared on MBC’s sitcom High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged. He plays as a young man with a heavy southern-Korean accent who arrives in Seoul dreaming to become the President. The series aired from 19 September 2011 to 29 March 2012.

On June 20, 2013, Yang Hyun-suk announced on YG Life that Seungyoon would be debuting as a solo artist with the single “Wild and Young” composed by Teddy Park. On July 15, it was announced that Seungyoon’s debut would be postponed and the following day, another single from his upcoming mini-album titled “It Rains” was released instead. “It Rains” achieved an all-kill by placing at number one on all nine major real-time charts in Korea. On July 31, “Wild and Young” was released with two more title tracks set to be promoted in August and September. Live promotions of the single commenced on August 4 on Inkigayo.

On August 14, Seungyoon’s second single “Stealer” (Korean: 맘도둑) was released. The music video, starring rookie actress Yoon Jin-yi, was “filmed secretly” and released without promotions so as not to disrupt the promotions for “Wild and Young”.

Seungyoon then participated in the survival reality program WIN: Who Is Next. The program would involve two teams of YG trainees (A and B) that would compete against each other for the chance to debut at the end of the series. In the seventh episode of WIN: Who Is Next, Seungyoon replaced bandmate Song Min-ho as the leader of “Team A”. On October 25, it was announced that Team A had won the series and would debut as Winner. The group performed as the opening act of Big Bang’s Japan Dome Tour which started on November 15, and made their own official debut on August 12, 2014. The same year, Seungyoon and fellow member Song Min-ho participated in Yoon Jong-shin’s Monthly project and released the song “Wild Boy”.

In 2015, Seungyoon starred as the male lead in the web drama We Broke Up, alongside label-mate Sandara Park. The 10-episode drama was aired from June 29 to July 17 via Naver TV Cast.

In December 2016, Seungyoon starred in the web drama Love for a Thousand More alongside fellow member Kim Jin-woo. The web drama is a joint production of CJ E&M, YG Entertainment, and YGKPlus. He released a soundtrack for the drama, titled “You”. The same month, he joined the cast of SBS’ variety show Flower Crew as a regular host.

In 2017, Seungyoon starred in tvN’s black-comedy series Prison Playbook. Seungyoon and fellow member Song Min-ho released a soundtrack for the drama titled “Door”.

In December 2018, Jinusean’s Sean reported that Seungyoon quietly donated 30 Million Won in addition to his donation earlier in the year to the Seungil Hope Foundation.

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