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Sakura Miyawaki (宮脇 咲良 Miyawaki Sakura, born 19 March 1998) is a Japanese singer and actress. She became part of the South Korean-Japanese girl group Iz One after placing second...

Sakura Miyawaki (宮脇 咲良 Miyawaki Sakura, born 19 March 1998) is a Japanese singer and actress. She became part of the South Korean-Japanese girl group Iz One after placing second in the competition television show Produce 48. She is also a member of the Japanese idol girl group HKT48, and a former concurrent member of AKB48.

In the General Elections of AKB48, she was elected as No. 47 (2012), No. 26 (2013), No. 11 (2014), No. 7 (2015), No. 6 (2016), No. 4 (2017), and No. 3 (2018). In 2017, together with Jurina Matsui from SKE48, the two next generation aces that are also known as JuriSaku pair were chosen to be the WCenter (double centers) for AKB48 group commemorative 48th single “Negaigoto no Mochigusare”.

In 2018, Miyawaki joined the survival show Produce 48 and was selected as the center of the show’s performance of the theme song, “Nekkoya”. She placed 2nd and debuted on October 29, 2018 as a member of Iz One.

Miyawaki joined HKT48 as their first generation trainee in July 2011. She made her first official appearance as an HKT48 member along with the other first generation trainees on October 23 at a “Flying Get” national handshake event. Her theater debut was on November 26 with a revival of Team S stage “Te wo Tsunaginagara”.

Miyawaki was officially promoted to a full member of Team H on March 4, 2012, along with 15 other girls.

In 2012, Miyawaki became the first HKT48 member that originated from HKT48 to have ranked in an AKB48 general election. She received 6,635 votes, placing her at the 47th position. Later that year, she landed her first A-side participation on AKB48’s 28th single “Uza”. Although she did not make the A-side for the 29th and 30th singles, she appeared on the A-side for the 31st single, “Sayonara Crawl”, released May 22, 2013, and placed 26th overall in AKB48’s 2013 general election with 25,760 votes.

Miyawaki’s first A-side participation with HKT48 was on their first single “Suki! Suki! Skip!” (Like! Like! Skip!) and Melon Juice.

On 11 January 2014, it was announced during the first day of HKT48’s Kyushu 7 Prefecture Tour at Oita, that Miyawaki would be transferred to the newly formed Team KIV. Later, at AKB48’s Group Grand Reformation Festival, she was promoted to vice captain of Team KIV and given a concurrent position in AKB48’s Team A.

For AKB48’s 36th single, “Labrador Retriever”, Miyawaki appeared on the A-side. In the 2014 AKB48 general election, she placed eleventh overall with 45,538 votes and sang on the A-side for “Kokoro no Placard”. For that year’s rock-paper-scissors tournament, Miyawaki lost in the 3rd round of the preliminary competition. However, management decided she would share the center position with winner Mayu Watanabe for AKB48’s 38th single, “Kiboteki Refrain”, and became the first local HKT48 member to center on an A-side single.

In 2015, Miyawaki was given a lead role in AKB48’s drama Majisuka Gakuen 4 along with Haruka Shimazaki. The season premiered on January 19. She placed seventh overall in the general election with 81,422 votes.

In July 2015, she released her first photobook, titled Sakura. On Oricon it reached number 1 on the weekly photobook chart and number 3 on the general book chart.

On AKB’s 43rd single, “Kimi wa Melody”, released March 9, 2016, she got her first solo center on an AKB48 single.

In 2018, Miyawaki participated and placed second in reality girl group survival show Produce 48 and became a member of Korean-Japanese idol group Iz One that debuted in October of the same year. She and the other two Japanese members of the group will take a hiatus from their respective Japanese groups until their contracts with Iz One expire in April 2021. She also started her own video gaming channel on YouTube.

Tonight, Under the Sakura Tree (今夜、咲良の木の下で) April 6, 2017-present, Bay FM

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