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Yong Jun Hyung

Yong Jun-hyung (Hangul: 용준형; born December 19, 1989), As a solo artist he has released one extended play, Flower (2013), and one full-length album, Goodbye 20's (2018).

Yong Jun-hyung (Hangul: 용준형; born December 19, 1989), As a solo artist he has released one extended play, Flower (2013), and one full-length album, Goodbye 20’s (2018).

Junhyung was born in Seoul, South Korea. He changed his birth name Yong Jae-soon (Hangul: 용재순) to his current name when he was in 6th grade. In 2007, he joined the boy band Xing, which included Kevin Woo, a now-former member of U-KISS. Junhyung was known by the stage name Poppin’ Dragon while in Xing.

Junhyung debuted under Cube Entertainment as a member of the boy band Beast (Hangul: 비스트) in 2009. The group released their first extended play Beast is the B2ST on October 14, 2009.

The group released a total of eight extended plays and three studio albums.

In 2016, Beast left Cube Entertainment, and formed their own label, Around Us Entertainment. The group debuted under the new name of Highlight. As Highlight, they have released two extended plays.

Junhyung was featured in Lee Gikwang’s music video “눈물을 닦고” (“Wiping the Tears”) as a rapper with Doojoon. Along with fellow Beast member Yoseob, MC and comedian Lee Hyuk-jae, Moon Hee-joon (formerly of H.O.T.) and Kim Sook, they welcomed Japanese tourists for “Visit Seoul 2010” campaign, where Korean celebrities and Japanese tourists explored Seoul in MBC’s “Star Guide Doshiraku” to raise awareness of Seoul’s famous areas, as well as its cuisine.

Junhyung also featured in Hyuna’s solo debut single “Change” Junhyung, along with 4minute, also featured in “Heard ‘Em All” for Amerie’s Asian version of the album In Love & War. He also starred in MBC’s “High Kick Through the Roof” as a cameo in one of its episodes. He was also involved in writing and performing the rap section for 4minute’s album “Hit Your Heart”, in the song “Who’s Next?”

Junhyung was featured rapping in the music video for G.NA’s album title song “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better”, with the intent of giving the “opposite vibe” from Doojoon’s appearance. Junhyung was also featured in “Faddy Robot Foundation” together with 4minute’s Hyuna, Outsider, Verbal Jint, Mighty Mouth’s Ssangchu, Vasco and Zico; all profit from this album was stated to be given out to charity. In order to encourage the public participation in commemorating Seoul Summit Asia Bridge Contents (Representative Choi Jin) announced that the G20 summit held in Seoul created the campaign song “Let’s Go” composed by Shinsadong Tiger, Lim Sanghyuk, Eddie, and Junhyung.

On November 23, 2010, Young Jee released a single, titled “Crazy, That’s What Love Is”, featuring Junhyung who wrote the rap lyrics. On January 19, Navi released a single, titled “Go Again”, featuring Junhyung. He was also featured as a rapper for “A Bitter Day” by Hyuna, “Be Quiet” by Kim Wansun, and “Don’t Act Countrified” by ALi.

Junhyung released a solo song, titled “너 없이 사는 것도 (Living Without You)”, on February 3, 2012. The song was written in the hip hop style, and was co-produced by Junhyung and Kim Tae-joo. The songs “이럴 줄 알았어 (I Knew It)” and “너 없이 사는 것도 (Living Without You)” are related to “Living Without You”, being a prologue and a continuation respectively. Junhyung also produced Yoseob’s first extended play, First Collage, which was released on the November 21.[unreliable source?]

Producer Brave Brothers created the project group ‘Absurd’, with rappers Junhyung of Beast, LE of EXID and FeelDog of Big Star. Junhyung released his debut extended play, Flower on December 13, 2013. The title track “Flower” topped the music charts, as well as other singles such as “Caffeine (Piano Version)” featuring Yoseob, and “Anything” featuring G.NA.

In 2014, Junhyung featured in Megan Lee’s debut song, “8dayz”. He was featured in the music videos of “I Feel on You” by Lee Seunghwan, “I Hate You” by Eru, “Breakable Heart” by Lyn, “Good Boy” by Baek Jiyoung, and “She’s Bad” by Natthew.

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